Workin’ On a Bassline

Welcome to the debut recording of three New York City virtuoso musicians who have played with Miles Davis, James Brown, Duke Ellington, and Tony Bennett, among others. Thunderstick, led by bassist and composer Brian Q. Torff, stands at a new crossroads of blues and jazz mixed in with the muscle of rock to bring a fresh and real voice to contemporary music. Says Torff, n I call this style of music, ‘Bassline,’ because all of the tunes are conceived from the bottom up, which gives it a grounded, earthy kind of sound.” Thunderstick has been enthusiastically received in clubs and on college campuses (see critics comments) as these bluesmen in residence at Fairfield University in Connecticut combine powerful improvisation with imaginative and catchy song writing that crosses musical boundaries. In the spirit of fusion music such as Bela Fleck, Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler and others- Joe Beck, guitar, Brian Q. Torff, bass, and Grisha Alexiev, drums engage in cutting edge jamming that can only be described as Thunderstick.

  1. A Night on the Underground Railroad 5:20
  2. Life in East Bumblepuck 5:06
  3. Spirits Rejoice 5:00
  4. Lula’s Work Song 4:34
  5. Soul of the Quarter 5:12
  6. GhostTrain 4:48
  7. What the Bass Say 4:50
  8. Workin’ On a Bassline 8:11 (vocal)
  9. Who Done Do the Hoodoo Man 3:30
  10. Blowed Up Real Good 4:00

Thunderstick- Joe Beck, Guitar, Brian Q.Torff, bass, vocal, Grisha Alexiev, drums. Produced, composed, and arranged by Brian Torff, Quade Music, BMI Copyright 1997 Bassline Records Booking: 203-254-4000, ext. 2458 Fairfield University